Audio Book Voice Over
by Voiceovers4Charity, bring your Audio Books to life with the Voices of  top quality voice over actors…

Choose from a great array of talented voice over actors, who pride themselves on providing character voices that bring stories to life, ensuring every audio book has its own unique style & sound.

At Voiceovers4Charity, not only do we produce top quality audio book voice overs, our accomplished Audio Engineers produce them from start to finish.

Every voice, every sound, every rhythm is professionally pieced together in order to create a perfect audio book every time.

From British animal voice overs to cats and dogs with French accents, fairytale voices to seductive style reads – Voiceovers4Charity has a plethora of audio voice actors ready to voice your audio books.

The added bonus –25% of your Audio Book Voice Over Fee, will be donated to one of the Charities we support and you get to choose which Charity!

Besides the ability to Voice with an ultra creative attitude and an abundance of enthusiasm, audio book voice actors require dedication and devotion.

Audio book voice over is a real craft, that each voice over actor has developed over time.

They have each nurtured and fine tuned their ability to master text interpretation, and this is harnessed by their theatrical training.

Audio Book Voice

Although the vast majority of voice over actors have the ability to voice a huge array of genres, they are not individually capable of voicing every genre.

At Voiceovers4Charity, our voice actors are each chosen for their individual capabilities, which differ greatly from one voice actor to the next.

Some are fully competent at voicing children’s books, others are more suited to romance novels with their passionate, seductive tones.

Many of Voiceovers4Charity’s voice actors strengths lie in the fiction audio book voice over department, whilst others prefer and perform better, voicing non-fiction.

Each audio book voice over length, varies from one to the next; one may only last for 5 minutes, whilst another may last for over an hour.

It is imperative that each voice over actor has the sustenance to maintain their character or multiple characters in many cases.

Voiceovers4Charity’s voice actors are all chosen based on their overall ability to perform from start to end, providing maximum top quality results.

Unlike many other voice over agencies, we don’t charge our voice actors a fee to be a member of our finely chosen array of talented voice actors, instead, each one of our voice actors are individually chosen based on their overall talent and diversity, to ensure that Voiceovers4Charity is capable of providing each and every one of our clients, with a professional audio book voice over, every time.

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