Homeless & Prevention of Homelessness

  • In Australia 1.1 million adults have experienced being homeless over the last 10 years
  • In 2013, 40,878 Australians slept on the streets
  • Up to 21% of Australia’s – street sleeping homeless suffered hypothermia, frostbite or trench-foot
  • Tonight up to 80% of families and 60% of individuals will be turned away from emergency shelters, leaving them in a position of complete vulnerability, as they have no other choice but to sleep on the streets
  • What can YOU do to help the 1000’s of homeless that are turned away from shelters every night?  ~  Choose a Charity from the ‘Homeless & Prevention of Homelessness’ section, so that Voiceovers4Charity can donate 25% of your Voiceover Service Fee, to one of these fantastic Charities we support
  • At Voiceovers4Charitywe pride ourselves on making the world a better place, one Voice at a time… 
  • Backpack Beds by Swags For Homeless, are the most awarded ultra lightweight camping tents in the world and they save lives. 100% of profits from sales of Backpack Beds, go to projects that assist the homeless… Distributions of Backpack Beds are now taking place in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the UK and in the USA.  Visit www.swags.org.au to find out more about the fantastic work they do to assist the homeless.
  • The Carevan Foundation helps to feed the homeless and disadvantaged of rural Australia. In 2012, the original Carevan has served over 20,000 meals. At night, books, fruit, tea, coffee and Milo are provided, whilst soup and casseroles are heated up for dinner. Carevan volunteers engage in conversation with whoever comes to the site, which aids to strengthen community spirit. Personal hygiene packs are also handed out by the volunteers in the Carevan. Packs contain toothbrushes, toothpaste, roll on deodorant, soap, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, face washer, wet tissues and wet wipes. Visit www.carevan.com.au to find out more about the dedicated service they offer to Rural Australians.

Kids Under Cover supports vulnerable young people between the ages of 12 and 25 who are either already homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Their solution is to:

  • Build one or two bedroom studios (with bathrooms) in the backyards of homes to keep young people connected to family and a healthy home environment.
  • Provide scholarships to ensure ongoing engagement with education.
  • Offer positive role models by linking young people to mentors.

Kids Under Cover believe shelter, education and mentors help young people stay connected to their family, to education and with their community. With this support, young people are able to build a brighter future.

Visit www.kuc.org.au to find out more about the sensational work Kids Under Cover do to assist the youth of Australia.


  • At Voiceovers4Charity, we choose to financially support Charities that assist Children in all capacities
  • V4C is committed to strengthening Communities and the Charities that exist within them, that protect children from physical and sexual abuse, and child exploitation.  All children have a right to feel physically and psychologically safe
  • V4C says NO to Bullying – No child should have to endure the heartache and torment of bullying, be it in its direct physical form, via put-downs and taunts, or through the form of Cyber Bullying
  • When a child is suffering from a life threatening illness, both the child and their family require full ongoing support
  • At Voiceovers4Charity, we pride ourselves on making the world a better place, one Voice at a time… 

Destiny Rescue is an internationally-recognised non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. Their vision is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Destiny Rescue currently operates their various programs in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and India. They also have offices in three donor nations: United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2011, Destiny Rescue have rescued over 2000 children enslaved around the world and over 500 of them were in 2017 alone - with the year not yet over, more children will continue to be rescued.

Destiny Rescue is committed to liberating the enslaved and restoring those who have been abused. Already serving in several nations, Destiny Rescue will keep expanding to reach even more children.

One of the programs they run, is their Sponsor a Home Program, which is Destiny Rescue’s monthly donation program for donors seeking to make a difference and also receive connection to the restored lives of rescued girls. Sponsor a Home is about connection so when you Sponsor a Home you are supporting children’s daily needs, education as well as their reintegration back into society with new skills and a fresh outlook on life!

To find out more about this program, please visit Destiny Rescue’s Sponsor a Home Program.

Established in 1985, Very Special Kids provides counselling and support services to families caring for a child diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.  Following the death of a child families are supported through the bereavement support program.

VSK also operate Very Special Kids House an eight bed children’s hospice, providing planned and emergency respite and end-of-life care.

Very Special Kids depends on the community and fundraising activities for more than $3.3 million of their annual  income.  All VSK services are offered free-of-charge to families.

Please visit www.vsk.org.au to find out more about the much needed services that Very Special Kids offer to families facing what is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Your support will enable them to continue providing counselling and support services and Very Special Kids House can continue to offer respite and end-of-life care to families and their precious children.


  • Voiceovers4Charity, believe that all animals have a right to live in a world free from cruelty, pain and suffering.
  • All animals should be treated with love, respect and compassion.
  • At Voiceovers4Charity, we believe that education is paramount in order to ensure prevention strategies are firmly put in place; strategies that will influence our children of today, that animals are to be loved, respected and valued.
  • Our wildlife animals worldwide, are constantly finding themselves in danger of becoming extinct. They are vigorously hunted and poached, and we as human beings should not sit silent on this matter of urgency. At Voiceovers4Charity, we will proudly support those organizations in our society, that raise funds to research, educate and prevent the demise of our worldwide wildlife, which are in danger of becoming extinct.
  • We believe that supporting those in our society, who are proactively advocating for legislation… legislation which will ensure animal cruelty is stamped out, is of prime importance in an ever growing society.
  • All animals should have receive medical treatment when they require it… they can’t speak for themselves – unfortunately, far too many people find themselves in situations where they are financially incapable of ensuring the animals in their care, are treated for their ailment.  At Voiceovers4Charity, we envision a society which prides itself on caring for all animals and funds should  always be available for emergency pet care, to those in society who require it.
  • Overall, animals are to be loved and cherished by all members of communities worldwide and Voiceovers4Charity are proud to offer financial assistance to Charities, which support animals in all capacities.
  • At Voiceovers4Charitywe pride ourselves on making the world a better place, one Voice at a time… 

For the Love of Wildlife, is about restoring the essential connection between all living things, to bring our planet into Balance…

To stay immobilised and silent whilst our natural world is under siege is a crime against nature. It seems that humans have lost their connection to the environment and the planet. If we’re to change the demise, we have to be courageous to face ourselves, get real about what is happening and act from a place of deep compassion. It is no longer acceptable to “turn a blind eye”…we are all in this together and it’s our job to make a change, however small.

As we stand at the 11th hour, time is running out and radical, creative, love in action is required.

Australia has a terrible record of animal cruelty which includes puppy mills/farms, live export, culls, intensively farmed animals, to name but a few. In comparison with the rest of the world we are failing our animals and currently claim the highest rate of extinction on the planet.

It is the aim of For the Love of Wildlife, to raise Australia’s presence to not only step up, but lead the world when it comes to our relationship with animals and wildlife. Through leading the human animal relationship, FLOW can inspire the planet to live harmoniously, respectfully and in unity with all living beings.

Moving Paws Inc, are a non for profit organization operating in Adelaide, South Australia.  A team of volunteers who are dedicated to animal rights, protection, re-homing and vet care of small dogs, work closely together to find suitable homes for precious unwanted, often neglected & abandoned dogs. Moving Paws, when necessary, rescue small dogs from pounds that are due to be put to sleep & a small team of dedicated foster care volunteers, rehabilitate & care for these treasured fur friends.

Moving Paws also assist in re-housing small dogs for a very small fee, as often in life, circumstances change & it is by far better to have your precious pooch re-housed with a loving family, than to offer it free to a ‘good’ home; far too many loopholes exist for animals to be exploited via this last minute decision. Moving Paws Inc, have a database of people who are looking for their new furkid and you can rest assured, that your precious pet will be loved and well cared for.

To find out more about the fabulous work the dedicated team at Moving Paws Inc provides, please visit www.movingpaws.org.au

For 25 Years, Wildlife Victoria has provided a state wide Emergency Response Service rescuing sick, injured & orphaned Wildlife. The 24 hour service (13 000 94535) connects trained volunteers & members of the public that have found native animals in need. Wildlife Victoria receive up to 800 calls a day during peak periods & are supported solely by the community, with no government funding.

In the last 12 months, Wildlife Victoria responded to over 31,000 animals, including everything from Kangaroos to Wombats & Swans to Possums. Supporting Wildlife Victoria, will make a real difference on the frontline of Wildlife Rescue.

Visit www.wildlifevictoria.com to find out more about the incredible service they provide to our precious Wildlife.

Suicide Prevention

  • The most recent Australian data (ABS, Causes of Death, 2009) reports deaths due to suicide, at 2,132. That equates to 6 deaths by suicide a day, or one every four hours
  • However, this is under-reported and sector estimates are, that this figure could be as high as 2,500 a year
  • The overall suicide rate in 2009 was 10.2 per 100,000 in Australia (ABS, Causes of Death, 2009)
  • Men in Australia are four times more likely to die by suicide than women
  • Indigenous people are four times more likely to die by suicide than non-indigenous people
  • The most recent data (ABS, Causes of Death, 2009) shows that more people die from suicide in Australia than in road related transport deaths (1,151)
  • The most recent data (ABS, Causes of Death, 2009) shows that more people die from suicide in Australia than from skin cancer (1,837)
  • We all have a responsibility in society to love, respect and protect all of our fellow human beings around us
  • If you know of someone that is suffering and you fear they may harm themselves, please refer them to Lifeline on 13 11 14… or… if your own life, or the life of someone you love and care about is in immediate danger, please call the police or ambulance on 000
  • At Voiceovers4Charitywe pride ourselves on making the world a better place, one Voice at a time…